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Have you met Phoebe’s bar bike?

Our unique and charming mobile bar bike is ready to serve at your next Event. The copper look is a guaranteed eyecatcher. From store opening events to company parties, our mobile bar is ready to roll. She’ll provide you with a full-service mobile cocktail catering and bar experience at your event!

Capacity: up to 200 guests (3 bartenders)
Size: length 340 cm, width 180 cm, height 170 cm (comes in one piece)
Colors: copper only
Branding: possible with stickers

Big or small?

Additional to our unique mobile bar bike, we have a wide range of other mobile bars available for events of all sizes

Modular minimalistic Bar #1

This minimalistic mobile bar comes in all variable sizes, for events ranging from 10 to 2000 people. The modular bar comes with or without back buffet and can be put together in any kind of constellation, such as lined up straight or put in a corner. The bar can also be made into a square as the center piece of the event location.

Capacity: up to 2000 guests
Size: fully modular consisting of middle elements (length 100 cm, width 75 cm, height 120 cm) and side elements (length 75 cm, width 75 cm, height 120 cm).
Colors: black, white or vintage wood
Branding: possible with stickers

mobile bar für events
mobile bar for big events
mobile bar für große events
mobile bar für catering in Berlin und Hamburg
mobile bar für cocktail catering

Classic mobile bar #2

This classic mobile bar is as simple as it gets. The bar comes in one piece, but multiple pieces can be put together to create a bigger bar, for events with up to 500 people. 

Capacity: depending on the number of bars, up to 500 people.
Size: length 120 cm, width 65 cm, height 120 cm).
Colors: black or white
Branding: possible with stickers

All of our mobile bars are of course for hire for your event. Just send us a request with the number of guests you are expecting and the style of mobile you prefer and we will include the mobile bar in our price quote.

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