Cocktail branding

mobile bar mieten in Berlin und Hamburg

Create an interactive brand experience with our customisable cocktail branding. With your logo, a photo or a bold statement: branded cocktails allow you to speak through drinks.

Where mixology meets branding, and every sip tells a story.  Our edible cocktail graffiti connects your brand to your customers, ensuring lasting impressions at the crucial touchpoint of the hand-meets-drink moment.  Cocktail branding creates social media-worthy and fun moments that will encourage guest engagement. Whether it’s a corporate event or a special occasion, our cocktail catering service adds a creative and personalized touch to elevate your event and guest experience

How does it work? You can personalize your cocktail with a logo, a photo, a fun statement or any kind of graphic. Our cocktail “graffiti” (as we call it) is completely edible, vegan and glutenfree. Just let us know what kind of graffiti you would like, send us your graphic (or let us create one for you) and we will bring it with us to your event. And yes, we do this completely free of charge. Because we believe in creating memories and experiences through cocktails

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Monumentenstr. 28, 10965 Berlin