Cocktail Catering and Barcatering

Cocktail catering and barcatering

Our concept

As a modern full-service cocktail catering and barcatering provider, we aim to create memorable experience for your guests. We achieve this by using creativity, precision, and long-term expertise to create signature drinks and cocktail menus that are customized according to your event theme, brand identity or personal preferences.

Our team of bartenders is highly professional, with many having trained at some of the best bars in the city. Most importantly, our team is always well-briefed and knows exactly what is expected. We come with great energy and simply have fun in what we do.

We love classic cocktails, but we are also obsessed with creating new cocktails and shaking up drinks that exceed your guests’ expectations. We care about beauty, so we present cocktails in extraordinary ways. We are always prepared and ready to serve drinks of the highest taste and aesthetic quality, also at high-volume events.

Where to find us

Our cocktail catering and barcatering service is based in Berlin and Hamburg, however not limited to any geographical area. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your request.

We demonstrate our skills, through creativity, professionalism and simply having fun doing, what we do best: elevating beverage experiences.

What can you expect when hiring us?

  • ⁠Creative & delicious cocktails
  • ⁠Attention to detail
  • Professionalism & prompt, clear communication
  • Charismatic & attentive staff
  • Flexibility & Adaptability
  • Highly quality ingredients
  • Attention to Budget. We offer flexible pricing options, providing transparent cost estimates without compromising quality.

Occasions to hire us for cocktail catering and barcatering

Influencer Events | Corporate Events | PR Events | Company Events | Store Openings | Trade-Shows | Fashions Shows | Pop Up Events | Conferences | Festivals | Private Events | Weddings

Cocktail Catering and Barcatering

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Monumentenstr. 28, 10965 Berlin


+49 17647656853


Monumentenstr. 28, 10965 Berlin