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Teambuilding cocktail workshop in Berlin and Hamburg
Cocktail creation workshop in Berlin

Transform your team into bartenders for one night

Elevate your team-building experience with our unique cocktail workshop service tailored for corporate events. Our cocktail workshops offer an engaging and interactive opportunity for your team to bond, learn, and create together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

What we offer

At our cocktail workshops, your team will:

  • Learn from professional mixologists who will guide you through the art of mixology, teaching basic techniques and sharing insider tips.
  • Enjoy hands-on experience crafting delicious cocktails using premium spirits, fresh ingredients, and creative recipes.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to invent and name your own signature cocktails, reflecting your team’s unique identity, values, and creativity.

If you’re looking to shake things up a bit (literally), we’ve got just the workshop for you. Depending on your goals and interests, we offer different formats.

Different formats

Craft your own cocktail recipe

Ever dreamt of creating your very own signature cocktail? Well, dream no more! In this workshop, each team dives deep into the art of mixology. We’ll kick things off with a crash course on the fundamentals of cocktail mixing. Each team then gets to be creative in developing their own cocktail recipe. With an array of spirits (both boozy and booze-free), syrups for sweetness, citrus juices for that zing, fresh herbs, spices, and an assortment of garnishes at their disposal, the possibilities are endless. The teams are guaranteed to get creative and discover the exciting world of aromas and tastes, in this trial and error process. Finally, each team get to present their chosen cocktail recipe to the other teams.

– Recommended group size: max. 10 people per team
– Recommended workshop length: approx. 2 hours

Signature cocktail masterclass

In this Signature Cocktail Masterclass, we will guide each team member through crafting one of our signature cocktails. Each participant will be equipped with their very own bartender set, complete with all the essentials and tools. Under the expert guidance of our mixologists, you’ll learn the ropes of mixology firsthand. From muddling to shaking, stirring to straining, you’ll be a cocktail connoisseur in no time. So grab your crew and get ready for a hands-on experience like no other!

– Recommended group size: max. 4 people per team
– Recommended workshop length: 15-20 minutes per group


Ready to shake up your team building by stirring up some delicious cocktails? Simply drop us a message and let us know when and for how many people. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Cocktail workshop in Berlin und Hamburg
Cocktail workshop in Berlin
Cocktail workshop in Berlin

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